Innovative Open Source E-commerce

- A global open source e-commerce system, a culmination of 15 years of continuous industry experience
- User-friendly, intuitive interface, quick to get started, drag-and-drop design, no need for complex training
- Based on the latest technology, deeply integrated with AI, supports multiple languages and currencies
- Highly cohesive, low-coupling modular design, simple and convenient to quickly develop plug-ins

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Our Product
InnoShop InnoShop is an innovative open-source e-commerce platform integrated with AI technology, multi-language support, in-depth data analysis, and customizable features, providing global merchants with an efficient, flexible, and user-friendly online sales and marketing solution.
AI Integration
Utilizing advanced AI technology to achieve automatic copywriting, description translation, image generation, and beautification, greatly enhancing the efficiency and quality of content creation and product display.
Multi-language and Multi-currency Support
The platform supports multiple languages and currencies to ensure a barrier-free shopping experience for global users, expanding the market reach.
Extensibility and Customization
As an open-source e-commerce platform, it offers high extensibility and customization through a comprehensive plugin mechanism, allowing merchants to easily develop and adjust according to specific business needs to meet the ever-changing market demands.
Marketing and Data Analysis
Combining rich promotional activities with in-depth data analysis tools to help merchants understand user behavior and sales trends, thus formulating more accurate market strategies and optimizing operations. Also, enhancing brand appeal and customer loyalty through precise market promotion.
More core features
Product Management
Includes product categorization, addition, inventory management, and pricing management.
Order Management
Includes order inquiries, management, status processing, and refund management.
Customer Management
Includes user registration, login, personal information management, and shopping cart management.
Payment and Settlement
Supports various payment methods, including Alipay, WeChat Pay, and bank cards.
Logistics Management
Includes shipping, logistics tracking, and order delivery.
SEO Optimization
Supports SEO optimization, including page titles, keywords, and descriptions.
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